Welcome to Canning, Nova Scotia

This new blog is intended as an informational resource for both visitors and residents of this beautiful region of the Annapolis Valley. Canning is a quiet, scenic, and vibrant little community located almost equidistantly from the larger commercial and cultural centres of Wolfville and Kentville.

We hope to offer updated useful info to travellers looking to visit or merely pass through as a waypoint on their way to another destination. Residents can learn more about our community and keep abreast of events.

In this blog-style format, we’ll be looking forward to your feedback, so we hope that you’ll feel free to comment on articles posted or contact us directly. That’s what makes this venture so exciting and potentially useful for everyone who lives in the Canning area.


5 thoughts on “Welcome to Canning, Nova Scotia

  1. Thank you! I think we’re getting there, and still have much to do. It’ll be great to have people share items or places of interest, feature suggestions, and event/news contributions. We’re just getting started and looking for your feedback!

  2. Michael:
    Thank you for putting the Princess notice on, it loks great..
    Have a great week. Look forward to meeting.

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