Village of Canning, founded 1760, celebrating our 250th Anniversary

Spicer Park, Canning, Nova Scotia
Spicer Park, Canning, Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia Governor Charles Lawrence issued two proclamations — the first proclamation dated 12 October 1758, and the second proclamation dated 11 January 1759 — that were published throughout New England, offering grants of free land to anyone who would come to Nova Scotia to occupy the farm lands formerly occupied by Acadian farmers.  Major Robert Denison was one of the agents for the Connecticut grantees who appeared before the Nova Scotia Council in April 1759 to make arrangements for 200 families.  The agents were sent with Surveyor General Charles Morris to view the lands.  The council was to provide transportation for the settlers and their stock, farming equipment, and household goods, and to supply grain for needy families.  In the years 1760-1765, hundreds of settlers arrived from New England to take up free land here.  In 2010 we celebrate the 250th anniversary of this seminal event in the history of Nova Scotia.

Village of Canning crest
Village of Canning crest

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