Copyright Laws

In this day of digital information when the world is at our fingertips via the Internet, it’s so easy to copy and use images and text without taking the legal aspects into consideration. Generally, most of the images, artwork, and text one sees on the Internet belong to someone, and are therefore protected by law. As a reminder, this blog is operated and maintained by Michael Gabriel Communications, and, as such, all original graphical material and textual content is owned by myself and is subject to the Copyright Act of Canada (1997).  It is a federal legal requirement to have permission to use any of the material that appears on this site. Doing so without the owner’s express permission contravenes the law as a direct infringement of copyright.

The graphic below is such a case. It was created by me for a blog post on this site dated November 9, 2011.  Unfortunately, someone on an aspiring local political candidate’s team has seen fit to use it without my permission on his current political brochure.  It’s very disturbing to have my work used without my knowledge and, also, it’s against the law.

Does the above look familiar? It was the poster featured on the Village of Canning blog site from November 9, 2011. I had created the original graphic for use on the site only, and not to be used by an individual for their personal benefit.

I hope to help people understand that there are protocols and channels in place to protect people’s property, intellectual and otherwise, and that it’s always a good idea to ask permission before using someone else’s material for your own purposes.


Thank you,
Michael Gabriel
Founder of the Village of Canning, Nova Scotia Blog site


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