Canning and Area Strategic Plan

Canning Village shops

The Canning Village Commission is pleased to inform the public that the District 1 Canning and Area Strategic Plan has been completed. Many representatives from Canning and surrounding communities spent several meetings compiling input on how to improve our area for ourselves and visitors alike. A huge thank you goes to Jennifer Weisner and Steven Kerr from Kings Regional Development Agency who mediated this planning process. Highlights are as follows:

A vibrant and self-renewing community which unites surrounding communities through the celebration of our assets: natural beauty, arts, recreation, entertainment, agriculture, tourism, culture, heritage, lands, residents and businesses.

To invigorate and enthuse the community at large to generate input, support and assistance in making this a great place to live and drive to, not drive through.


  • To be a full service community
  • To engage the business community
  • To build an inviting downtown core and inviting surrounding areas
  • To protect, celebrate and promote our assets

Download the Canning Area Strategic Plan 2011 here.


One thought on “Canning and Area Strategic Plan

  1. As a leader of the Canning Brownies, it would be wonderful to have more organized and readily available opportunities to engage the local children in service projects such as planting flowers, gardening, painting, etc.

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