Canning and Area Business Development Association First AGM

Canning and Area Business Development Association (CABDA) logo
Canning and Area Business Development Association (CABDA)

The first annual Annual General Meeting (AGM) for the Canning and Area Business Development Association (CABDA) will be held on Thursday, September 26th, commencing at 6:30 pm at the ArtCan Gallery, 9850 Main Street, Canning. The agenda will include:

  • a report on accomplishments to date
  • a financial report, election of new officers and
  • time to enjoy good company and refreshments.

The offices up for election include: Facilitator, Co-Facilitator, Secretary, Treasurer, and Village Liaison Officer. Terms are one year in duration. Anyone interested in volunteering to hold one of these positions and serving the business interests of the area, please contact Peter Wilson, CABDA Facilitator, by phone at 582-1280 or email at

Please be aware that there is now a dedicated group of core members working on behalf of the business interests of Canning and area, and your support is welcome and needed. Please support your local business association by becoming a member. Even if you can’t attend all regular meetings throughout the year, your attendance and support at the AGM on September 26thwould be greatly appreciated. Kindly note that only members in good standing are eligible to vote at the AGM and at regular meetings.

At the present time, CABDA is offering a prorated membership fee of $15 to become a member in good standing to end of 2013. Commencing in January 2014, membership fees will renew at a rate of $30 for the calendar year. Membership fees help to defray some of the costs to the Association of representing the area’s business interests and in undertaking projects. Those planning to register as members in good standing at the AGM are advised to arrive at least 15 minutes early. We’re looking forward to welcoming new members and look forward to your attendance!

Download the CABDA Annual Report 2013 (PDF)


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