Water disruption notice for Canning area

Please note that there will be an interruption in water service to the entire Canning area tomorrow,  Thursday, December 5, 2013. Please see the attached official notice from the Municipality of Kings for more details.


7 thoughts on “Water disruption notice for Canning area

  1. Every resident that will be affected should be receiving a notice in the mail for each and every anticipated water outage. Otherwise it’s not appropriate or adequate warning or notification. Paying water customers should not be in a position to turn on the water, have none, and then search for information to learn what’s happening.

  2. Hello and thanks for your comment. I understand your annoyance and/or frustration. I wish I could do more for you, but I’m only the administrator of the site, so I’ve forwarded your concerns to the Village of Canning and the Municipality of the County of Kings on your behalf. I believe someone will respond officially. So sorry to hear that the service interruption has affected you so much!

  3. I have to agree, it was only by chance that my partner heard an announcement on the radio yesterday. If he hadn’t been driving with the radio on at the time we would not have known what was happening, and the supply has been off for 8am and now it is 5pm and its not back yet. That’s a long time to be without water, especially if you weren’t expecting it!

  4. Any updates on this, as to when service is expected to be restored? It’s now after 5pm, and no water. A call made to the municipality at 3 30pm informed me the crew had run into issues, and the water would be restored within the hour. Not so. The work is now 4 hours over due, and I wish I could say I’m surprised.
    All the work done in Canning on the roads and down town has been done with no concern for the residents. In theory, all this work is being done to improve the town. Unfortunately, the level of disregard for the functionality of the town has been extremely disappointing. This water shut off going on for more than an hour past when it was scheduled for is only the latest move from the Town of Canning disregarding its residents. Other issues endured over the past month include the construction stops of 20min. or more, the general blockage of essential services such as the grocery store AND post office, not to mention the terrible condition the roads have been left in as the workers move on to other sections of the road.
    I’m all for improving the town, but it seems that the work is to be carried out regardless of the people who still need to work and live in Canning. Similar work on essential water mains was recently completed in Wolfville, with much less intrusion into the functionality of the town. Even when traffic was being directed by construction workers in Wolfville, no stop was more than five minutes (unlike the 20min stops endured by Canning residents) and accessibility to essential services was never blocked.
    It is possible to complete work on schedule, without absolutely disregarding residents. Canning might not be as wealthy or central as Wolfville, but we deserve the same respect. This respect isn’t being shown.

  5. While I too have been repeatedly inconvenienced by this construction work (especially the inaccessibility at the Post Office and the lack of notification of water interruptions), I believe that much of the blame is attributable to the long-standing policy of awarding contracts to the lowest bidder. This particular job is a textbook example. Look at the bids received and compare them. I have no inside information, and I’m not related to anyone in the contractor’s management, but just looking at the work every day has convinced me that this contractor must be under considerable financial pressure. This often leads to cutting corners everywhere possible. (I have no proof that this has actually happened here.) One place where expense can be reduced is to not spend the money required for the kind of timely individual notification that some people seem to expect. An enlightened policy would be to discard the lowest bid, and award the contract to the next-lowest bidder. However, I recognize that any attempt to implement such a policy would be political suicide. That is, we the people are ultimately to blame. Someone commented about “the terrible condition the roads have been left in as the workers move on to other sections of the road”. That is due to the requirement that all trenches be closed at the end of every working day. No excavation is left open overnight. In the old days, street excavations were often left open overnight – guarded only by a couple of sawhorses and a few dim kerosene lanterns. Sometimes people would accidentally drive into the excavations. Newspapers of the day reported these accidents, which frequently resulted in serious injuries, and there were occasional fatalities. Some years ago, governments everywhere recognized that this was unacceptable, and adopted a policy that every street excavation has to be filled at the end of every working day – and in those cases where this is not possible, the dangerous open holes must be continuously guarded either by flagmen or by temporary traffic lights set up for that purpose. Expensive. This contractor has filled every excavation at the end of every working day. At the end of each day, truckloads of fill are brought in and used to restore the street surface so that people can drive normally – even though the surface is not quite as smooth as a paved surface would be. Next day, the temporary fill is dug out and trucked away – there isn’t room to place it on the street during the day. Then it is brought back to close the trench for the next night. Very expensive, and very safe for the driving public.

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