Water service upgrades for Canning area: latest update

Water service in the Canning area has resumed for all residents.

Important: Please allow your water run for several minutes to flush out impurities and sediment that may have accumulated in pipes during the repair and may not be readily visible .

Thank you for your patience. The Municipality of Kings County and the Village of Canning apologize for any inconvenience.

From the Canning Village Commission Chair, Everett MacPherson:

“Thank you very much for your correspondence regarding the short notice for water disruption.

We are very pleased that we are able to get the former Petro-Canada Service Station site cleaned up and that we are able to modernize the infrastructure on Main St., including water and sewer lines as well as eventually new sidewalks. Therefore, we know that there will be disruptions and inconveniences for another week or so.

However, due to circumstances beyond our control sometimes we will be unable to give a 24 hour notice. We are currently announcing the disruptions on the radio stations and posting updates on our website as soon as we are aware of any potential shut offs.

Thank you again for bringing your concern forward. “

Everett MacPherson
Village Commission Chair


One thought on “Water service upgrades for Canning area: latest update

  1. This is yet another example of how the work in Canning is being done in such a way that it is as disruptive to the residents as possible. I do agree that it’s good thing to get the eye sore in the middle of town cleaned up, and I also agree its a good thing to improve systems in the town. Does it really have to be done so that it’s impossible to live in Canning? I’ve been unable to shower in my own home two days in a row. I’ve been unable to make a cup of tea, or wash a load of dishes…and this is AFTER having to wait 20mins at a construction site only 200yrds from my home!!! As I’ve said in another comment, when work was being done on the main street of Wolfville, the impact on residents was much less. It CAN be done so that work progresses and people still can live in their homes. Is 3pm the actual time of service restoration? Because last time the information was wrong by more than five hours. For an essential service like WATER its unacceptable to randomly be without it for extended periods. It really burns me that I’m paying for water while at the same time driving to New Minas for showers. I’m not impressed.

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