Author Linda Moore at Merritt Gibson Library

The Fundy Vault by Linda Moore
The Fundy Vault by Linda Moore
presents a free reading by
Thursday, Oct. 13 AT 6:30 PMLinda Moore’s long­awaited sequel to Foul Deeds is another highly engaging mix of art and environmental justice. From a cottage on Nova Scotia’s beautiful Minas Basin, Roz spots what looks like a woman’s body tangled in the roots of a floating tree. Before the local RCMP can send a boat out, the body is retrieved by helicopter, and she watches it disappear over North Mountain. Roz and her longtime theatre friend Sophie roam the backroads and small towns of the Annapolis Valley in search of clues.

Linda Moore is a long-time summer resident of Kingsport. Linda was the artistic director of Neptune Theatre in Halifax from 1990 to 2000, and she has worked at many theatres across Canada.

Box of Delights from Wolfville will be selling copies of The Fundy Vault and Foul Deeds at the reading. The Library will also have a copy for loan.



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