The Village of Canning wishes to advise residents that the Village-owned park and trail are now open to the public. However, the playground equipment is still closed for use due to Covid-19 restrictions. Please keep in mind that social distancing restrictions remain in place.

We ask our community to continue following guidelines set out by the Public Health Agency of Canada and to stay home as much as possible. We thank everyone for their ongoing support, patience and understanding.

For more information, detailed instructions on the above, and ongoing Village & Municipal updates please visit us on this website and at

For creative ideas on recreational activities appropriate during this time follow Municipality of Kings Recreation Services on Facebook.

For information on Novel Coronavirus (Covid-19) including social distancing, self-isolation, when to get help and more, please visit or call: Canning Village 902-582-3768 or the County of Kings 902-678-6141 / 1-888-337-2999.