Restored Wilf Carter poster photo (courtesy of
Restored Wilf Carter poster photo

As you drive or walk through Canning, some added features may catch your eye.  There are 12 new roadside banners gracing the poles on Main St. Six of them feature historical images and the other six are wonderful pictures of the beauty of Canning and the nearby area.

The banners were the result of over two years of thinking, planning, and efforts by the Canning and Area Business Development Association’s (CABDA) Branding Committee, comprising of local volunteers, June Granger, Kim MacQuarrie, Sandra Gunther, and Michael Gabriel (committee head). Two of the images, displaying Medford and Pereaux scenery, were photos taken by Marven Blenus and Sam Dawn, respectively, the first and second place winners of a contest held in 2014, sponsored by CABDA, the Village of Canning, and the Valley Credit Union.

Poster of Medford based on contest-wining photo by Marven Blenus.
Poster of Medford based on contest-wining photo by Marven Blenus.
Poster of Pereaux based on contest-wining photo by Sam Dawn.
Poster of Pereaux based on contest-wining photo by Sam Dawn.

Other photos were contributed pro bono by talented professional local photographer, Deborah Nicholson, and by local marketing and design businessman, Michael Gabriel. They include Canning’s iconic lighthouse, local pottery artist Denise Aspinall, the bandstand at Bruce Spicer Park, and the local Blomidon Estate Vineyard. Historical images include a photo of a seated Sir Frederick Borden, former Minister of Militia and Defence and father of Harold Lothrop Borden, whose bronze stature appears atop the fountain monument at the intersection of Main Street and North Avenue, as well as a thoroughly restored poster photo of local musical celebrity, Wilf Carter (with special thanks to Deborah Nicholson). These were based on photos and postcards graciously provided by the Fieldwood Heritage Society and Gerald Cudmore.

The banner designs, printing, and their installation were made possible through funds by Nova Scotia Tourism’s First Impressions Grant, which was realized thanks to the time and great efforts by Kim MacQuarrie and the other members of the Branding Committee.

Coupled with the new sidewalks, benches, planters, and flowers around the poles and banners (all handiwork of CABDA’s Beautification Committee), Canning is looking even warmer and more welcoming!  So if you haven’t done so lately, take a slow stroll down Main St. and “breathe, imagine, and experience” our beautiful, vibrant Village!


    • So glad you like the new touches, Rosaline, and we’re happy, too! The volunteers in CABDA have been working very hard to revitalize Canning and make it even more beautiful.

  1. The beautification committee has done a Cracker Jack job! Thank you so much.
    So, come stroll the new village sidewalks.
    Then stay over at the Farmhouse Inn B& B.
    Take advantage of our packages…eat on our new back deck, visit our wineries or make a bonfire at Kingsport beach…we have special packages for all these activities. Check us out on

    • Indeed, Andrea! Although it was the Branding committee that was responsible for the banners (the subject of this post), the Beautification committee, also did a lot to make Canning even lovelier!

  2. Job well done by hard working folks ………. so nice to see most of the town looking pretty ,,,, I will be so very glad when all the building constructions are complete and the new business we hear about are open ………

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