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Canning water boil advisory cancelled


Canning Village boil water advisory

Update August 4, 2018: The Municipality of the County of Kings has declared the water to be safe for use again. Please run your  faucets for at least 5 minutes to flush existing water prior to usage.

View the official communiqué from the Municipality of the County of Kings.

Hurricane Season 2016

Hurricane rain

Take the time now to review your hurricane preparations and Hurricane Action Plan. Follow storms as they occur.

The basic checklist for hurricane preparation includes:

· Have enough food and water for 72 hours

· monitor local broadcast networks for updates

· secure gates, doors and windows

· move yard furniture and secure trash cans, hanging plants and anything that can be picked up by wind

· check radio batteries

· fill vehicles with gas and park them away from trees

· Make sure downspouts are clear of debris and direct water away from your home.

· To protect against flooding caused by torrential rain, install a sump pump, backwater valve or backflow valve

· remove dead or diseased branches from trees to make them more wind resistant

· keep pets inside

· move any type of watercraft to high ground


Take care, follow precautions, and have a safe hurricane season 2016. for more information about hurricanes, contact Dan Stovel Emergency Management Coordinator (EMC) at 902-542-9678 or email

Water and Road Upgrades in Canning Village

water line construction

The Village and Municipality of the County of Kings have awarded a joint construction contract for the replacement of water and sewer along Queen Street, Seminary Avenue, Bigelow Street, Elm Street, and Pleasant Street to Howard Little Excavating Ltd. Construction is scheduled to begin in June or early July, and is expected to last until the end of August. Hours of work will generally be from 7 am to 7 pm. While construction is ongoing, the work area will be closed to traffic during work hours, except for emergency vehicles, construction traffic and local traffic. Temporary water services will be installed to each home prior to construction. During this contract, the asphalt will be completely removed from the streets. The Department of Transportation (DTIR) will be paving the streets in the fall under a separate contract, cost shared three ways by DTIR, the Village and the Municipality.

The Village and Municipality encourage open communication during the construction project, particularly in areas adjacent to your property. On site personnel will make every effort to keep residents informed and advised of scheduled interruptions whenever possible. Stantec Consulting Ltd. will provide on-site inspection services during construction. Stantec’s Project Manager will be Andy Noble, who can be reached at (902) 468-7777 If you have any questions during construction, please do not hesitate to contact Andy. For other questions regarding the project, feel free to contact Tim Bouter, Supervisor of Engineering Services for the Municipality. He can be reached at (902) 690-2219 or

REMO Bulletin: Heavy Rainfall Warning for Kings County

KINGS COUNTY: A cold front will move over New Brunswick tonight and remain stationary for the next 24 to 36 hours. Rain will begin over northern Nova Scotia Wednesday afternoon and spread southward. The rain will intensify Wednesday evening giving heavy downpours Wednesday night and into Thursday morning. Rainfall amounts of 50 to 90 millimetres can be expected over the Valley stretching north to the Minas Basin. The rain will ease in intensity on Thursday and move eastward as the cold front moves towards Newfoundland. [Environment Canada] While there is some uncertainty with respect to the exact timing and location of the highest rainfall, several models indicate total amounts in excess of 100 millimetres are possible for parts of the province. Therefore rainfall warnings may be extended.

The Kings REMO wishes to advise:

Where rainfall exceeds 50 mm

• There is a risk of localized flooding and possibly flash flooding in the heavy downpours with this rainfall event.

• Use caution if you are travelling during these intense and heavy downpours as hydroplaning could be a hazard.

• Heavy downpours can cause flash floods and water pooling on roads at catch basins and drainage ditches.

Where rainfall approaches or exceeds 90 mm

• Localized flooding in low-lying areas is possible, flooding roads and low lying properties.

• Watch for and expect washouts near rivers and creeks where they pass under roads through culverts and small wood bridge structures.

• Watch for and expect roadside ditches to undergo extreme erosion of the gravel shoulders and partial collapse of parts of the road surface causing local roads to become dangerous or impassable in extreme cases.

When water over a road exceeds 12 inches depth, small cars may float and become trapped in fast moving water. DO NOT attempt crossing flooded roadways.

Monitor local media and Environment Canada for updates to this potentially serious rain event.