KINGS COUNTY: A cold front will move over New Brunswick tonight and remain stationary for the next 24 to 36 hours. Rain will begin over northern Nova Scotia Wednesday afternoon and spread southward. The rain will intensify Wednesday evening giving heavy downpours Wednesday night and into Thursday morning. Rainfall amounts of 50 to 90 millimetres can be expected over the Valley stretching north to the Minas Basin. The rain will ease in intensity on Thursday and move eastward as the cold front moves towards Newfoundland. [Environment Canada] While there is some uncertainty with respect to the exact timing and location of the highest rainfall, several models indicate total amounts in excess of 100 millimetres are possible for parts of the province. Therefore rainfall warnings may be extended.

The Kings REMO wishes to advise:

Where rainfall exceeds 50 mm

• There is a risk of localized flooding and possibly flash flooding in the heavy downpours with this rainfall event.

• Use caution if you are travelling during these intense and heavy downpours as hydroplaning could be a hazard.

• Heavy downpours can cause flash floods and water pooling on roads at catch basins and drainage ditches.

Where rainfall approaches or exceeds 90 mm

• Localized flooding in low-lying areas is possible, flooding roads and low lying properties.

• Watch for and expect washouts near rivers and creeks where they pass under roads through culverts and small wood bridge structures.

• Watch for and expect roadside ditches to undergo extreme erosion of the gravel shoulders and partial collapse of parts of the road surface causing local roads to become dangerous or impassable in extreme cases.

When water over a road exceeds 12 inches depth, small cars may float and become trapped in fast moving water. DO NOT attempt crossing flooded roadways.

Monitor local media and Environment Canada for updates to this potentially serious rain event.