Hurricane rain

Take the time now to review your hurricane preparations and Hurricane Action Plan. Follow storms as they occur.

The basic checklist for hurricane preparation includes:

· Have enough food and water for 72 hours

· monitor local broadcast networks for updates

· secure gates, doors and windows

· move yard furniture and secure trash cans, hanging plants and anything that can be picked up by wind

· check radio batteries

· fill vehicles with gas and park them away from trees

· Make sure downspouts are clear of debris and direct water away from your home.

· To protect against flooding caused by torrential rain, install a sump pump, backwater valve or backflow valve

· remove dead or diseased branches from trees to make them more wind resistant

· keep pets inside

· move any type of watercraft to high ground


Take care, follow precautions, and have a safe hurricane season 2016. for more information about hurricanes, contact Dan Stovel Emergency Management Coordinator (EMC) at 902-542-9678 or email