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Canning water boil advisory cancelled


Canning Village boil water advisory

Update August 4, 2018: The Municipality of the County of Kings has declared the water to be safe for use again. Please run your  faucets for at least 5 minutes to flush existing water prior to usage.

View the official communiqué from the Municipality of the County of Kings.


Water and Road Upgrades in Canning Village

water line construction

The Village and Municipality of the County of Kings have awarded a joint construction contract for the replacement of water and sewer along Queen Street, Seminary Avenue, Bigelow Street, Elm Street, and Pleasant Street to Howard Little Excavating Ltd. Construction is scheduled to begin in June or early July, and is expected to last until the end of August. Hours of work will generally be from 7 am to 7 pm. While construction is ongoing, the work area will be closed to traffic during work hours, except for emergency vehicles, construction traffic and local traffic. Temporary water services will be installed to each home prior to construction. During this contract, the asphalt will be completely removed from the streets. The Department of Transportation (DTIR) will be paving the streets in the fall under a separate contract, cost shared three ways by DTIR, the Village and the Municipality.

The Village and Municipality encourage open communication during the construction project, particularly in areas adjacent to your property. On site personnel will make every effort to keep residents informed and advised of scheduled interruptions whenever possible. Stantec Consulting Ltd. will provide on-site inspection services during construction. Stantec’s Project Manager will be Andy Noble, who can be reached at (902) 468-7777 orAndy.Noble@stantec.com. If you have any questions during construction, please do not hesitate to contact Andy. For other questions regarding the project, feel free to contact Tim Bouter, Supervisor of Engineering Services for the Municipality. He can be reached at (902) 690-2219 or tbouter@countyofkings.ca.

Main Street Project Update

As you may have noticed, the second phase of the Main Street project is currently under way with the replacement of the water /sewer laterals to the businesses and reinstallation of the sidewalks. We ask the public to be patient as there will be traffic disruptions, as well as possible water service disruption.

Mid Valley Construction is working hard to minimize the inconvenience to residents. Work is going quickly and is to be expected to be completed by mid-June.

We thank you in advance for your patience and support.

[Communiqué from the Village of Canning]

A note from the Village Chair regarding water upgrades

December 13, 2013

Main Street Canning Businesses/Residents:

Construction for the sewer and water main lines has been completed. The sidewalk construction will proceed in the spring, when warmer temperatures will allow the concrete to cure properly. In order to minimize disruption to businesses and residents, installation of sewer and water laterals to individual properties will be postponed until the sidewalk construction proceeds. This construction sequence will prevent a patchwork sidewalk solution over the winter, as well as duplication of excavation with associated disruptions.

Thank you very much for your patience during this very important infrastructure work. It is comforting to know that the water and sewer lines on Main St. are now upgraded and reliable. We look forward to completing the work and installing the sidewalks during the spring.

Best wishes during the holiday season!



Everett MacPherson
Village of Canning

Water service upgrades for Canning area: latest update

Water service in the Canning area has resumed for all residents.

Important: Please allow your water run for several minutes to flush out impurities and sediment that may have accumulated in pipes during the repair and may not be readily visible .

Thank you for your patience. The Municipality of Kings County and the Village of Canning apologize for any inconvenience.

From the Canning Village Commission Chair, Everett MacPherson:

“Thank you very much for your correspondence regarding the short notice for water disruption.

We are very pleased that we are able to get the former Petro-Canada Service Station site cleaned up and that we are able to modernize the infrastructure on Main St., including water and sewer lines as well as eventually new sidewalks. Therefore, we know that there will be disruptions and inconveniences for another week or so.

However, due to circumstances beyond our control sometimes we will be unable to give a 24 hour notice. We are currently announcing the disruptions on the radio stations and posting updates on our website as soon as we are aware of any potential shut offs.

Thank you again for bringing your concern forward. “

Everett MacPherson
Village Commission Chair